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wow... really insightful, sidney.


Really like the top one Sidney with the depth that it has


Whoops, my comment was meant for the other set of images. My bad!


The portrait of the woman's profile is awesome . . . each line in her face tells a story. I think this is my favorite series of yours, Sidney.


Nice BW photos!


Je voulais écrire :"renvoie" ;-)


J'aime beaucoup la première photo! Le sujet du premier plan renoie au second et vice versa et l'oeil voyage ;-)

Ashish Sidapara

Beautiful portraits, love the lighting in the first shot!


You seem to have personal qualities that cause people to feel comfortable with you taking pictures.
These have a wonderful relaxed feel to them. Nice series.


I am a big fan of b&w for portrait snaps. These are wonderful.


amazing picture..thesecond one is just fantastic.


It's great that there are places like this that caters to the elderly. Personally, I would like my parents or grandma within our household instead of this place. But I guess some people don't. Nice account


Some magnificent portraits, I like, exposure, saturation, B & W and expressions of people. We congratulate you.

Major Tom

Great photographs in balck and white. Couldn't be better than that.

Mainly, I hope that the olds in the asylum for the aged continue to be well-treated and cared for.


The lady in the third photo reminds me of my grandaunt who passed away half a year ago. But well, this series reminds me of my grandma too!



that second image is fantastic!

Michael Rawluk

Wonderful shots. It is nice to see people as they live.


These girls look petty happy.
Great photos, great journalism indeed!


your a great photojournalist. I love looking at your work. I'd comment more often but my visits are always preceded by many others who have said it all.


great pics! they sure liked the visit!


It pains me that the standard of the home for aged in the Philippines is far from what the elderly in Europe enjoys particularly in the Scandinavian countries. But at least these poor people have housing, food and care which they surely deserved. I've been to some few here in Cebu and I can't help but shed a tear hoping that someday that I can do something as well.


often times, i would kid my mother around saying that i would put her in a facility when the time comes. she's a hard headed woman i tell her. she would give me a smirk and a rougue laugh. she knows i would never do that to her. and she knows how i hate children who puts their parents into a facility. in this country, putting your parents in there is short of a last resort among children. a dying must have.


Great black and white series Sidney! The elderly are so often overlooked and forgotten. Well done!


Quelle belle série, ces portraits. On sent la douceur de ton regard dans le leur.
Gros bisous, Sidney :0010:


Sidney - these pictures are a poignant depiction of the realities of old age. Very well done :)

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